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Petroleum industry noise contr

Noise problem

    Petroleum & Petrochemical enterprises have wide noise sources, including the airflow noise caused by the sudden gas pressure change of such as compressed air, high-pressure steam discharged, heating furnace, catalysis “three-machine” room; the mechanical noise caused by mechanical friction, vibration, collision and high-speed rotation of such as ball grinding mill, air hammer, petroleum pump, crusher, and mechanical transmission belt; as well as the electromagnetic noise resulted from the vibration of electric device , such as transformer, caused by alternating magnetic field and impulse. 
    The noise pollution of petroleum & petrochemical enterprise is rather extensive and durable. On one hand, the complicated production technology makes noise source more extensive and influential; on the other hand, as long as the sound source does not cease, its outcome will not end and workers may be heavily annoyed and influenced by it; therefore, most of the noise produced from the production sequence in petroleum & petrochemical enterprises is of high-strength steady-state mixed noise.


    It is rather difficult to launch a comprehensive solution to address petrochemical equipment noise, but the comprehensive noise control measures, such as sound insulation, noise elimination, sound absorption, damping and vibration reduction, can be adopted in line with their operating characteristics.
    For pump: two portable sound barriers can be installed at both sides of the pump set so as to disrupt and divert the noise diffusion.
    For heating furnace: a self-viscous damping can be laid on the existing housing; then a galvanized sheet can be used to cover the damper to form a damping & sound insulation enclosure. The well sealed structure can be selected to reduce the radiation noise of combustor.
    For compressor: The compressor is a major noise source, including motor electromagnet, motor fan, coupler, so the U-shaped acoustic hood can be used at the place where makes noise.
    For noise within factory boundary: the air-cooling platform and the bottom fan are the sensitive noise sources within factory boundary; so the acoustic shields can be equipped there.

    Through analysis on the noise source of typical refining equipment, included in the key noise control area for the petrochemical enterprises are pump, heating furnace, air-cooling device, compressor and other equipment; the noise control measures are sound insulation, denoising, sound absorption, damping, and vibration reduction. The specific noise control measure must suit to the characteristics of petrochemical equipment to facilitate test, maintenance and inspection.


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